We also do scheduled washing of garbage corals, bins, compactors and garbage areas to help control odors, bugs, rodents and disease. 

Garbage Equipment Chute Cleaner Crank Stand
Garbage Chute Cleaning Barrie, Ontario

Garbage Chute and Compactor Cleaning 

Serving Barrie, Collingwood, Orillia, Newmarket and area.

When building residents discard of their garbage into the garbage chute and down into the garbage room, bags have a tendency to open or rip. Any wet garbage will stick to the walls and compactor and dry garbage will stick to the wet garbage.

Garbage Chutes have an occurring up draft. This causes unhealthy odors and bacteria from inside the chute walls and become airborne. These airborne odors then enter public areas as residents open the chute doors and dispose of their garbage.

Cleaning of your chute is not only proving your commitment to providing a clean and safe building in terms of germs but also greatly stops the risk of a fire generating from the garbage chute room and traveling up the chute to each floor.

The benefits of having your garbage chute cleaned:

- Reducing risk of fire

- Removal of odor

- Reducing rodent and insect problems

- Reducing health risks for tenants and staff

- Removal of bacteria, viruses and build-up of garbage

- Increasing longevity of chute, compactor and bin

The process:

- Inspect, clean and lubricate all chute doors on each floor (if requested)

- Hand scrape garbage build up in compactor

- Tape off and electrical boxes to protect from water

- Degrease and disinfect the inside of the chute top to bottom

- We send our garbage chute cleaner equipment up/down the chute with high pressure hot water

- Degrease and disinfect the compactor

- Clean the compactor with high pressure hot water

- Wash garbage room floor

- Deodorize Compactor and Room

***Garbage chute cleaning***
should be done twice a year or more depending
on the amount of residents using the chute.